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An Ongoing Prayer Relay

The Prayer Relay continues day and night all year! So you can register NOW to receive updates and you can register your prayer prayers all year!

This is an Australian call  to continuous night and day 24/7 prayer, praise and worship. During the 40 Days you will receive 40 Daily Inspirations to refresh, equip and focus you - and to connect us as we journey and pray. In 2019 the 40 Inspirations focus on a Biblical revelation of Our Father. Each you will receive information on an unreached people group – so you can pray specifically for harvest workers to reach them. And you can help channel resources to support them.

Decide NOW when you will host or join others in prayer. Plan NOW with your prayer partners, local prayer groups and local churches how you might collaborate in prayer for your region. Meet to set local prayer goals and strategies for sharing the gospel in your part of the world.

REGISTER to join the ongoing Prayer Relay at Email: [email protected] 

The next '40 Day' Prayer Relay is 6 March-14 April 2019

We will focus on knowing our Father and doing His will.

Matthew 18:14 “…it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.” 

Let our Father’s heart for the lost, move you to: 

  1. Walk together in love and unity, “one Father of all, over all, through all and in all.” Ephesians 4:1-6
  2. Reveal our Father’s love in how you love others. 1 John 4:7  
  3. Encourage each other as “sons” and “fathers” so many receive Jesus. Acts 2:17-39
  4. Pray with others for your area and join the 40 Day Prayer Relay. Luke 18:7-8

See the poster below right. Contact us for free copies.

The 40 Day Prayer Relay  follows Australia's National Day of Prayer & Fasting - which will be held in regions across Australia! (Saturday 2 March 2019)

Together we are Jesus’ House of Prayer for All Nations


Ways to Participate in the 40 Day Prayer Relay

The 40 Day Prayer Relay is a powerful way to pray for our nation and a simple way to participate in one continuous prayer chain. It enables us to unite while retaining the freedom of our diverse prayer & worship expressions.

The times are so urgent and the needs so great, some people will choose to fast during the relay. If you feel called to this, please discern God's invitation to you about the form and duration of your fast. Some will adopt a Daniel fast  - a simple vegetarian diet. Some will offer a sacrifice of praise and worship.

Seek the Holy Spirit’s leading for how you could participate in  the prayer relay - personally; with your small group; or as a church. 40 churches each hosting 24 hours of prayer and worship can cover our nation in continuous prayer for 40 Days! Will your church be one of these? There is room for us all to contribute at the times that suit you. Your church or prayer group can host prayer & worship for a 24 hour day or part of a day or night (12 hours, 6 hours, 2 hours).

  • Prayer Partners: You are welcome to register to pray as an individual – and one with the Lord is mighty! But to register a ‘prayer meeting’ you need at least two of you. A prayer partner could be someone you pray with in-person, on the phone, or on neighbourhood prayer walks. With 2 or more people you can co-discern, pray in agreement, pray for each other and encourage each other. If you find a prayer partner you double the number of people praying! We based this definition of a prayer meeting on Matthew 18:19-20 “if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”
  • Prayer Groups: We welcome churches, prayer networks, and all kinds of prayer groups  to  register your prayer meetings as part of the  40 Days Prayer Relay and ongoing national prayer relay.  
  • Days of Prayer: You can register Prayer Days – times you and your prayer partner/s, family, group or church take days for prayer & worship during these 40 days – e.g. once a week or once between 14 February - 25 March 2018.
  • 24 hr Prayer: You can organise your prayer network or local church – to set aside one 24 hour day (or part thereof) during these 40 days. It can be as simple as 24 people giving an hour to pray from home or 12 people giving 2 hours each! Don’t try to “pray” aloud nonstop through your prayer watch. Simply put on some worship music and rest in God’s presence – praying as the Holy Spirit leads you, and praying in tongues if you have this gift. Spend time in adorational prayer and thanksgiving. Tell God and declare to the spiritual realm what you love about Him! Spend deep time listening to the Lord. Recognise when your ‘thoughts’, mental pictures, songs and Scriptures are prompted by the Holy Spirit to lead you in how to pray. Declare aloud proclamations that arise in your spirit – the will of God for your family, church, neighbourhood, region and nation! The benefits increase if your team can meet and overlap in a prayer room in a private home or church building. This builds connection and encouragement. You could ask them to leave notes on the Scriptures that they read, songs words that resonated, what they discerned God saying. Others could be invited to come as they are able to join them in the prayer room. Plan for security and social appropriateness – for example: select a home approved by your pastor; with both husband and wife present.
  • Local Church Public 24/7 Prayer: It is powerful if your local church opens its doors for people to come and go for a day and night of continuous prayer & worship. We suggest you roster two people for each two hour shift during the day and a night shift team. They can lead segments of verbal prayer but also leave space for people to worship with music, wait on God and pray silently or in groups. It is wonderful to have a musicians for some segments – but recorded music can also be used in Spirit led ways. Consider how you will cover security for attendees and building – for example parking, secure entry, toilets, tea and coffee facilities.
  • Local Regional Gatherings: Churches can collaborate to hold a prayer and worship relay in one venue across a weekend or longer….with prayer & worship leaders in 2 hours shifts.
  • Regional 24/7 Relays. Local churches or prayer groups are hosting 24/7 prayer relays for 40 Days in their area! Churches can collaborate (e.g. 2 hours each) to host a Regional Prayer Relay across a 24 hour period or weekend.

Ways to Promote the 40 Day Prayer Relay:

  • Invite family, friends, colleagues and other local churches to register.
  • Invite your friends and networks to join the 40 Day Prayer Relay. You can use our website Facebook page. Check link
  • Talk with your pastors and leaders about how your local church can plan now to pray for the nations – neighbours, regions or the 40 Day Prayer Relay.
  • Order or download and print posters and fliers for 40 Days Prayer Relay Use church notice systems – announcements in church; by handing out fliers, sending emails with links to promo videos etc Encourage them to register individually so they will receive updates and 40 Inspirations 14 February-25 March 2018.
  • Encourage members of your church to register individually so they get 40 Inspirations by email during the 40 Days.
  • Download the 40 Day Relay 2018 video promos to be used in your church services.
  • During the 40 Days take time in your church services to revere Jesus and pray for the gospel to go to all nations. Disciple them to share Jesus and support the gospel going to unreached people groups.
  • Plan NOW with your leaders the measurable outcomes that you can pray for your local church, neighbourhood, region and nation so you can track your answered prayers. We would love to hear outcomes you are identifying because we may be able to share these with others to pray in agreement with you.
  • An Ongoing Prayer Relay: Feel free to join 24/7 prayer at any time during the year or during the 40 Days (14 February – 25 March 2018). Most of the prayer groups will continue after the 40 Days.

Ways to Support Prayer for Evangelism

The 40 Days Prayer Relay is brought to you by PIPES: Partners in Prayer & Evangelism.

Please pray for us as we prepare – and for those who will join and be impacted. 

Pray many will be convicted to join the 40 Day Prayer Relay and to Pray for the Nations – neighbourhoods and regions all year and to share who Jesus is to others.

Pray that Jesus will be revered and the many will receive Jesus as their Lord.

Please support us financially. Participation is free but there are costs for designing, printing and posting posters, developing video clips, the 40 Inspirations, website and coordinating prayer relay.  We are grateful for donations from churches, individuals and groups who appreciate what we do.

Ways to Build an Inclusive Prayer Gathering

  • Firstly pray and seek the Holy Spirit’s leading so you plan what the Lord wants. He builds His House of Prayer or we build in vain.
  • Have people praying for your meeting and in the space in the hour before others arrive.
  • Prior to the gathering connect relationally with those who are coming so many can contribute and participate meaningfully.
  • Invite local church leaders and their congregations. This may mean visiting local pastors from other churches so you’ll recognise and can introduce them publicly and privately. If you already have relationship you may like to invite them to participate and inviting their worship leaders and people to contribute to a collaborative gathering.
  • Invite local politicians, community leaders, previous church leaders, Indigenous friends and guests and introduce them with honour.
  • Listen to what the Spirit is saying through the meeting and let the Spirit lead you.
  • Provide clear signage so guests can find you and understand they are welcome and who you are.
  • If possible sit in a circle or invite freedom to move about, sit on the floor etc
  • Be warmly welcoming. If you have visitors explain proceedings and lift any pressure so people can relax. Don’t drop unexpected demand on people.
  • Consider offering a time of worship that is inclusive – songs or choruses that people may know. Appoint a worship leader who will lead you deeply into worship and be sensitive to how God is moving. Have a sufficient level of backing – by CD or worship leaders -so people can sing along comfortably or not. Often the Spirit will interject singing during the prayer to refresh our focus on Jesus and unify us or change direction.
  • Encourage those who lead public prayer to be Spirit-led. Avoid modelling monologue prayers and gently interrupt if necessary. Provide opportunities but not pressure for people to participate by praying in small groups at some point so all who want to can contribute.
  • Avoid having speeches or preaching but invite or expect the reading of Spirit-led Scripture.
  • Provide time for individual prayer at the end and fellowship over supper if the venue etc permits. This is an important aspect for getting to know visitors, and introducing people from other local churches etc.

Ways to Protect Privacy and Security

We have built this online map of prayer meetings to assist people to find a local prayer group or create one where there are none evident. The map reminds us our prayer as part of something broader than ourselves. We want to encourage local Christian groups connect for regional events and to build ongoing collaboration. (31 local churches can create ongoing 24/7 prayer covering over their region if each local church hosts a day and night of prayer once a month.) The online calendar of prayer meetings helps people find a group that meets at a time when they are free to join. It enables us all to celebrate the night and day prayer arising over specific regions and collectively across our nation and the earth.

We invite all who connect through this website to exercise discernment and discretion in how you meet others and who you trust. Use your Godly wisdom and take responsibility for your own conduct and choices.

'Open Public Venue' meetings have their prayer times and full address displayed on the map and in the listings on the website so the public can readily and simply find a local prayer group. It is not appropriate for some meetings to be 'Open.'

'Private Venue' or 'Closed Public Venue' meetings are not 'hidden' but their street address is kept private. Their flag on the map appears on the suburb or town  - not on a  street address; and the street address will not appear on the website. It helps when the Meeting Description clearly states whether the group is open to applicants, or not. If you are listing family prayer or hosting a prayer meeting in your home, we recommend that you register this as  a 'Private Venue.' If your prayer meeting is in a Public Venue - e.g. a church or business but is only for staff or invited members, or is for example, a group of women praying at the church overnight, we recommend that you register this as  'Closed Public Venue.'  If privacy or security is a concern, use discretion in the name and description of your meeting.  For example: "Staff Prayer Meeting." "Confidential workplace prayer." "Employees only." 

The email addresses of Prayer Meeting Coordinators are visible on the site to encourage people to make contact and enquire whether they can attend. Many 'Private Venue' or 'Closed Public Venue' meetings will welcome applicant. Whether you are a Prayer Meeting Coordinator, or applicant wanting to attend a group, begin as we do in life by getting to know the other people. Introduce yourselves via email; by phone; or by meeting in a public place before you inviting people to your home or prayer meeting. We recommend you take a friend with you when you enter a new group and don't enter or stay if you are not comfortable.

You are welcome to inform us of any concerns. Trusting you will be blessed and make many new friends and partners in prayer!

Contact us: Sue Tinworth [email protected]

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