Week 1 Understanding and Receiving Our Father’s Love
Wed 06 Mar, 19

Wed 6 Mar to Sat 9 Mar

(Week 2 will be released on Sun 10 March)

  • Do you have a clear revelation of our Father's love for you?
  • Do you want to go deeper in your understanding of our Father’s perfect love for you?
  • Are you ready and willing to receive an outpouring of His love into your life?

Many of us today can have a tainted view of the Father's love because of our relationship with our earthly father. Is this you? Papa God loves you, he has a tender and warm heart towards you as a son & daughter of Him. Do you know this tender love towards you? Or has it been tainted by another? Maybe you think love is earnt, maybe love to you is conditional, maybe you think love is only given if you follow principles and rules. This is simply not true, this is the fruit of religion not the relationship that the Word of God teaches. Let’s say a husband comes home to his wife and said “here are some flowers” and the wife asks “Thank you, why did you give this to me” and he says “Because you’re my wife, and you have been doing things for me” is that a loving relationship? That is not a loving relationship, but duty. Relationship is when the husband gives a gift of flowers not earned through task or duty, rather purely out of loving relationship for his wife and his affection towards her. We hope this example shows you the difference between human religion and divine relationship with Father God.

Prayer Points

  • DAY 1 6 March 2019: Pray that God would show you how He sees you and loves you as a perfect Father.
  • DAY 2 7 March 2019: Pray to be filled with God’s love so you can comprehend the heights and depths of the love in Christ Jesus.
  • DAY 3 8 March 2019: Pray that God’s love flushes out fear, unforgiveness, insecurity, and any other things that are not of Him.
  • DAY 4 9 March 2019: Pray for an untainted and renewed revelation of the Father's love.

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