Week 2 Rise Up as Sons & Daughters of the Living God
Sun 10 Mar, 19

Sun 10 Mar to Sat 16 Mar

(Week 3 will be released on Sun 17 March)

  • Do you know in your head and your heart what the the Bible says about who you are in Christ?
  • Are you defined by your personal choices or by your relationship with God?
  • Do you want to walk out victoriously as a son or daughter of the Living God?

Do you believe what the Word says about your identity in Christ? What other voices can hinder us and stop us from taking a hold of the truth of our identity as revealed in God's Word? How can we step into everything Father God has prepared for His children?

We can let many voices speak into us today- the voices of friends, family, the culture and at times we can even listen to the voice of Satan. How can we discern what is true and what is not?

Prayer Points

  • DAY 5 10 March 2019: Pray that the lies of Satan will be exposed and taken captive.
  • DAY 6 11 March 2019: Pray for the Spirit of revelation and wisdom to reveal our identity in Christ Jesus.
  • DAY 7 12 March 2019: Pray that we will stand against Satan and his schemes.
  • DAY 8 13 March 2019: Pray that the Holy Spirit will deepen your understanding that you are your Father’s precious son or daughter.
  • DAY 9 14 March 2019: Pray our Father will enable us to reflect His likeness to live out our true identity, in how we think and act as His sons and daughters.
  • DAY 10 15 March 2019: Pray for your identity in Christ to begin to affect your relationships, where you live, work and play, so you overflow His love -  His Kingdom come.
  • DAY 11 16 March 2019: Ask God to show you what He wants to set you free from  so you can live abundantly.

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