Week 3 Hearing our Father’s Heart for the Lost
Sun 17 Mar, 19

Sun 17 Mar to Sat 23 Mar

(Week 4 will be released on Sun 24 March)

  • Does our Father’s heartbeat for the lost, fill you with anguish?
  • Are you moved with compassion for the lost in your neighbourhood?
  • Will you respond to the Holy Spirit as He leads you to share the love of Christ with others?

A walk through one of our main cities in Australia or down the main street of any country town, will show the great need for the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we are born again, God takes our heart of stone and gives us a heart flesh. We cannot let our heart grow cold and hard for the lost, but must let God’s love move on us to share the one true Savior, Jesus.

People respond to the lost in many different ways. Religion responds with judgement. Complacency responds with ignorance.  A child of God, who is hearing the heart of their Father, will respond with anguish for the lost and this will lead them to action.

Prayer Points

  • DAY 12 17 March 2019: Pray for the lost across the world, that they will respond to our Father who is drawing them to Himself.
  • DAY 13 18 March 2019: Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send out more workers.
  • DAY 14 19 March 2019: Pray that the Lord will move you with compassion for the lost.
  • DAY 15 20 March 2019: Pray you will discern who, when, where Holy Spirit leading you.
  • DAY 16 21 March 2019: Pray you will accurately hear what our Father wants you to say to others.
  • DAY 17 22 March 2019: Pray for opportunities to share your faith today.
  • DAY 18 23 March 2019: Pray for an increase in souls saved Australia.

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