Week 5 Belonging to the Family of God
Sun 31 Mar, 19

Sun 31 Mar to Sat 6 April

(Week 6 will be released on Sun 7 April)

  • Will you forgive and love brothers and sisters in the church who have offended you?
  • Are you actively encouraging someone younger and older than you?
  • Where has God called you to be? Are you doing the works he has called you to in this place?

When we are saved, we become part of the family of God. The Bible describes this as becoming adopted as sons and daughters. All of a sudden we have brothers and sisters in Christ, a bond stronger than friendship as we share the same Heavenly Father.

Those who have walked with the Lord for many years should be able to think of long-standing Christian friendships that have expressed the love of Christ and have been built on prayer, sharing communion, and carrying each other’s burdens. These friendships can be stronger than family ties. You share their joys and sorrows, their victories and losses. This fellowship is a sweet reminder of God’s love for His church. Fruit-bearing friendships in the Lord are a microcosm of the church. In every region and city there is unlimited potential for life-giving relationships.

Prayer Points

  • DAY 26 31 March 2019: Praise God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Jesus.
  • DAY 27 1 April 2019: Give thanks to God our Father who predestined us for adoption of sonship through Jesus Christ and praise Him for His grace that He has freely given to us to the One he loves.
  • DAY 28 2 April 2019: Ask our Father for a revelation of His loving kindness and let His presence wash you and overflow you.
  • DAY 29 3 April 2019: Ask the Lord to forgive any hardness in your heart where you have held unforgiveness  against a brother or sister in Christ.
  • DAY 30 4 April 2019: Pray you will have humility to use your God given gifts and allow others to use theirs for the building up of the body of Christ.
  • DAY 31 5 April 2019: Ask the Lord to renew the right spirit in you and give you a tender heart for all generations.
  • DAY 32 6 April 2019: Ask God what role he would like you to play in bringing greater unity in the body of Christ in your local region.

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